10 Pitfalls of DIY Organizing

Here are some things to avoid when trying DIY Organizing:

1. Picking up more than one item at a time to decide upon. This is the beginning of getting overwhelmed.

2. Picking up the first item and putting it back down without naming its category in your home.

3. Picking up the first item and naming it but not making a decision on it; if it’s needed or loved or if it needs to be donated.

Messy Room DIY Organizing

4. Getting sidetracked. It’s very easy to get pulled into another area of the house than what you mean to organize. When you find an object where you are currently organizing (bath closet for example) that belongs in another room of the house put it by the door but don’t go to the area with these things where they belong until the end of reviewing all items in the selected space (bath closet). Otherwise this is another quick road to getting overwhelmed in DIY organizing.

5. Neglecting to call the professional organizer to help because you don’t have time to “pick up” before s/he comes.

6. Buying containers first. Always wait until all items have been reviewed in the chosen area before buying containers because you might opt to donate half the category and thus need a different size bin. Or better yet you might find a suitable container in your house already after purging.

7. Believing that a container will solve your problems.

8. Putting requirements about asking family or friends if they want the item before donating it. You’d be surprised how many times the organizing ends waiting for them to come look to see if they want it. You’re best to take A hard look and take it straight to donate unless you remember a specific need one of them had which you can fill.

9. Not donating something because it was given to you by someone special. Let someone else enjoy it for what it is!

10. Not letting something go because it was so expensive. With all the selling venues such as FaceBook Marketplace there are lots of opportunities to get a return on your things. But don’t let that stop the processing of it. If you cannot get what you want donate it to a cause you care about locally and maybe at tax time it will be useful depending on the current tax laws.

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Interested in learning more about hiring a professional organizer? Check out this New York Times article!

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