5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Physical Space

Looking for quick ways to improve your space?

  1. If you are looking for 5 quick ways to improve your space teach your family to maintain ownership of their belongings by returning them to their respective spaces- be it bedroom, office or garage. Common areas should be “controlled” by the person who operates and/or cleans them. If you have a house cleaner the responsibility for clutter control in each room falls on the partner who has more ability and/or time. If those two variables are equal in both and clutter persists hire a professional organizer for one session to get you on the right track.
  2. Declutter commitments in your calendar you are not fully at peace with to have more time to rest and focus more on the condition of your space such as systematic decluttering of each area.
  3. Keep possessions simple and be mindful of this as your shop. I eliminated my microwave and toaster oven in favor of using my cast iron skillet which also supplies good iron to the diet and doesn’t need to be washed with soap if you season it well. There are less loud beeps or clunks of machinery in my kitchen and less surfaces to clean. Ask yourself if that new appliance is going to KEEP you happy or if the storage and maintenance will make it more trouble than it’s worth over time. Space is a thing-guard it as you do any appliance you buy. If you haven’t used an item in a year it might be time to reclaim its space and move it along to donation.
  4. Determine high real estate in your home. Table tops and side boards should remain mostly empty and ready for creating. Things used more than once a week may earn space there but if used less consider taking a home behind closed doors in cupboards or closets.
  5. Where is it used? Store things closest to where they are used. One client had K-Cups on theater side of the kitchen from the coffee maker because there was no room. Making an extra trip across the kitchen over the years really does add up. This is the time to reevaluate every item in the action area to be sure it has a rhyme and reason to be there. Place like things together.
5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Space and Overall Life Enjoyment

The only way to be sure any of the above can happen is to schedule the time in your calendar! Look for an uninterrupted space to tackle the troubling area. Connect via Zoom with us at Finely Sorted Organizing to help get your house back on track to being the home you love and adore. There are so many things we cannot control in our lives. Taking charge of the things around you which you own is a great way to feel like you have some! Just 15 minutes into a session my clients begin to feel relief. It’s much easier than you think when you enlist a professional home de-clutterer. Having someone there to monitor your process brings you a great deal more towards solving your clutter problem. When you have to show your item to another person to validate it it is scrutinized more closely by the brain. People who claim they have no ability find themselves making decisions quicker when there is someone else to witness the process. I love helping people find control over what was previously uncontrollable in their lives and it happens quickly after beginning work!

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