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Organizing 9 Thousand Dollars

How about organizing 9 thousand dollars? Today I finally got my session for which I’ve been waiting. As a courtesy to my clients I always search the Unclaimed Property websites for all the states they lived in. I found my mom $400 but most other wins were minor. https://maineunclaimedproperty.gov

Unclaimed Property

How much do you have hidden in the state treasury?

While burried in bins of miscellaneous collected paper my client announced she was ready to do the search that I had told her was paramount to do ASAP about a year ago. I told her I had searched her name and found many entries and more importantly one entry that listed it was worth over a thousand dollars.

She sat down and entered all the requested information to verify to the computer she was who she said she was. Upon hitting the last “Next” button the screen lit up $8,000! I promptly shouted for joy and gave her a high five. I congratulated her on her efforts to follow through with my suggestion after all that time. She was still in disbelief and as if waiting for the other shoe to drop remarked that nothing could be this simple with the state.

Organizing 9 thousand dollars

But there it was in her email from the state an e-mail telling her all she had to do was to take the attached form to a notary and send it back to them.

Upon finishing that transaction there were about a hundred more entries with her name of over $25. She sped through the steps she had just learned and established her next batch of properties. I had to contain myself from encouraging her to go to the notary that very day because I feared like so many times before the paper would wander into a forest of piles and not resurface until years go by. But she had a point; might as well wait for the form for the second batch and do them all at once.

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