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I am surprised when some of my clients ask for donation centers other than Goodwill to donate because they have a bad impression of the organization. I’m not sure where this bad news started but as a regular Goodwill shopper I can testify that they make available all your donated goods for someone else who may find it a treasure! I went to their website to learn more so I could tell my clients the truth about Goodwill.

Who are They?

Goodwill Northern New England is a nonprofit social enterprise that creates jobs, delivers needed services for people with diverse challenges, uses environmentally friendly products and processes – all while earning revenue to pay for and expand innovative workforce services

-Goodwill New England

Goodwill was founded by Edgar Helms, a Methodist minister in 1902 as a way for new immigrants to get their feet on the ground in Boston’s South End with the motto, “Not charity but a chance”. People felt so inspired by his work they donated their clothing and life supplies to the organization. Dr. Helms established a business model that created jobs through the collection, repair and sale of material donated by the public.

Goodwill NNE operates retails stores, health care and cleaning services that help fund the work programs that help individuals and families with diverse challenges to achieve stability and community involvement.

They are headquartered in Gorham, Maine and service Maine, new Hampshire and Vermont. They are a 501(c)(3) organization governed by a volunteer local board of directors and part of Goodwill Industries International which is based in Maryland. There are 165 Goodwills in the US and Canada. Each one is locally governed.

What isTheir Mission?

Goodwill is focused on investing in people to achieve their work and life goals in a holistic manner moving approximately 10,000 people into stability by 2027.

Fake News

To address the plentiful fake news about Goodwill the website has refuted the claim that it is a for-profit business that only exists to make millions of dollars without serving anyone along the way. In fact Goodwill NeuroRehabilitation Services helps people rediscover their brain’s talents, capacity and abilities after an injury. Their Lifeworks programs helps thousands of people find job training and job placement each year. Goodwill manages AmeriCorps programs that help communities find natural support through housing and employment. Maine DHS refers individuals to Goodwill for coordination of services. They have an Assistive Technology Service to help individuals improve functionality. In lewiston Take 2 YouthBuild organizes 17-24 year-olds who have a juvenile justice system history to learn new skills while earning their high school equivalency. Goodwill works with the National MS Society for case management.

What Happens with your Donations?

  1. Donation Drop off
  2. Donations are Sorted according to type and condition of item. Clothes subpar are made into rags, transitioned to the by the pound sales and then if no longer wants don the shelves sold to the commodities markets.
  3. Electronics are tested before putting out to sale or e-cycled domestically if non-working.
  4. Data is taken into consideration from donated electronic devices under the GoodTechCertified program where they refurbish and wipe hard drives.
  5. Books are evaluated by someone trained in recognizing those that can be sold for more.
  6. EBay Department sells things that have a special market online in their store.
  7. Coins are managed by relationships with banks who work to melt down common foreign.

Don’t let fake news hold you back from driving up to the local Goodwill donation spot move those unwanted items from your home into a home that might value them! Donate!

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