Virtual Organizing

Anatomy of a Virtual Organizing Session

Ever wonder what a virtual organizing session looks like?

Below is an abbreviated transcript of our most recent virtual organizing session. We worked for a half hour and easily cleared out most of the bottom of a small closet off a living room. He set up his phone on the couch opposite the closet and I watched him process the items as he uncovered each one. I followed along making sure I understand the categories he is making and where he is putting them and ask questions if he gets stumped or offer an alternative consideration if I think there might be one. I essentially guided him through all objects on the floor of the closet.(We did the hanging clothing another virtual session)

Kim: “Hello, how are we doing this evening?”

Client: “Doing well, thank you! Ready to get busy in this closet!”

Kim: “Great, that’s what I love to hear! Can you move that chair into the other room to have more sorting room nearby the closet we will be decluttering or do you have enough room to put things and move around?”

Client: “I’m all set I think. I’ll just move it a bit.”

Kim: “Great, what’s the first item on the top of the pile?”

Client: “A bag, one I would use for shopping.”

Kim: “Ok, Do you think if you moved it to the car it might actually get used?

Client: “Yes, that makes sense.”

Kim: “Okay, can you put it by the door so at the end of our session you can take it to the place where you leave things to take to the car daily?”

Client: “Yes, just a second…”(Client takes bag to door way of room in which we are organizing)

Kim: “Okay, what’s the next thing at the top of the pile?”

Client: “It’s a couple of bags…I guess could go to Goodwill.”

Kim: “Okay, why don’t you make a Goodwill area over on the couch.”

Client: (Puts two bags on the couch)

Kim: “What’s the next thing on the pile?”

Client: “It’s a bag of military memories from my time in the service.”

Kim: “Okay, what are your thoughts on that?”

Client: “I guess I can put it in my back storage closet.”

Kim: “Okay, or, is it possible to display some of those medals on a piece of fabric or something that you hang on the wall? Is that anything you might want to do?”

Client: “Yeah, actually that’s not a bad idea!”

Kim: “Okay, then maybe leave it next to the closet to be put back in because you are going to take action on this in the next couple weeks right?”

Client: “Yes, I can.” (Client leaves military memory bag by closet door to go back in when we are done decluttering to await his action in the next couple of weeks)

Kim: “So can you write that down on a piece of paper? Write: “find display options for military medals” on your to-do list.

Client: “Okay, just a second.”(Client get s a pice of paper and writes down the to-do)

Kim: “Okay, what’s the next thing on the pile?”

Client: “Hm, oh good Lord, have mercy!”

Kim: (Laughs) “Looks like a mish-mash box huh?”

Client: “Yes, indeed. Mish-mash is a good word for it.”(Client paws through box)

Kim: “What that top bit, empty hanging files? Office supplies?”

Client: “Yes, a bunch of office supplies from my last office.”

Kim: “Do you need hanging files in your home office?”

Client: “No, not really.”

Kim: “Could your work office use the office supplies you don’t need in your home?”

Client: “Yes, I think I’ll take those to the office.”

Kim: “Okay, can you use one of those bags you found earlier and put on the couch for Goodwill to put these office supplies in to take to the office?”

Client: “Yes, good idea!”

Kim: “What’s next?”

Client: “Well, it’s starting to look better already!”

And this is how the rest of the hour went; back and forth until there were no longer items on the floor of the closet except the bag of military medals which were going to be acted on in the next couple of weeks because it was written down on a to-do list.

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