Organized Makeup

Organizing MakeUp

To organize this area which included mostly makeup we simply puled down the nail polish so that it was below eye level and each one could be seen at a glance. We did the same for the eye-shadow. The result was more room above so all the contents could be seen at a glance without …

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A Senior’s Closet

When a senior gets up in years things like pairing clothes to match sometimes fall by the wayside. This seniors’s daughters asked her if I could organize some outfits in one of her closets to try making getting dressed easier. Do you have a special senior in your life who could use some organizing support? …

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Prep to Sell

Sometimes I get a home to empty and prepare for sale that is stocked with fifty years of belongings. After a thorough triage of the house contents without the original owner present I often find things I can use to stage the house for sale. This old house had the charm of good bones, as …

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AirBNB Inventory

So many people have started to prosper from the changes in market climate. When you have an AirBnB to manage you want to make an inventory list at opening so that it is easier for a cleaning person to check it’s all there and nothing or something needs replacing. Organizing the contents so that things …

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The Antiquer

Love to collect antiques? So many people have collections stored away in boxes and attics because they just can’t let them go. They collecting dust and clutter storage areas waiting to be sold one day for more money or given to children who will have to determine if their home has room for extra storage. …

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At a Glance

Everything at a glance. Here, office supplies are organized so that each item can be retrieved without lifting anything else; one-touch retrieval is an absolute necessity for a system that lasts and works smoothly. This is one example of an office supply drawer I had at one time in an antique bureau. You can see …

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