At a Glance

Everything at a glance. The Harvard Business Review notes that an audience can’t listen to a presentation and read text-heavy slides at the same time. A slide should be understandable in three seconds. Likewise you can’t concentrate on what you are trying to do while figuring out what is in the drawer before you at …

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Organizing The Toolshed

Are you thinking about organizing the toolshed? Sometimes I stumble upon evidence of a very organized handyman when the tools are off the bench and secured off shelves as well. Using these recycled jars screws and nails can easily be seen and are also kept dust-free. The covers were unscrewed from the top and secured …

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Organizing Appliances

Are you organizing appliances? If you are going to have appliances don’t pack them away for space sake or you’ll never use them because you don’t want to add excavation to your task when trying to put together something to eat. Use them or lose them. Lucky you if you have enough counter space in …

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Downsizing Today Are you in the midst of organizing an estate? In the February 2021 edition ForbesAdvisor notes that the number of people who retired in 2021 rose 1.2 million people over last year’s number. Perhaps fueled by the circumstances of the pandemic a record number of people chose to start the next chapter of …

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Saturation Systems

Do you know about saturation systems? I met one family that tried the saturation system: having so many of a thing everywhere that chances are one would be right at their side when needed. This might work if you only have one item to use but when you consider the number of things that a …

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