Downsizing Senior Floor Plan


Downsizing Today Are you in the midst of organizing an estate? In the February 2021 edition ForbesAdvisor notes that the number of people who retired in 2021 rose 1.2 million people over last year’s number. Perhaps fueled by the circumstances of the pandemic a record number of people chose to start the next chapter of …

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Saturation Systems Cartoon

Saturation Systems

Do you know about saturation systems? Some say they just don’t have the “organizing gene”. Is it genetics or neurology? Is a person just “too creative” to be organized? Some have a whole library of organizing books. I once organized 12 organizing books out of a cluttered house because clearly they hadn’t changed a thing …

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Organizing Containers

Do you need some organizing containers? Clients often start out asking if they should get some containers before we start organizing work. Here is the yield of containers already on hand once the first step of weeding had finished with one client. Systemize with what you have first and the left-over containers will help you …

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