organized drawer

At a Glance

Everything at a glance. The Harvard Business Review notes that an audience can’t listen to a presentation and read text-heavy slides at the same time. A slide should be understandable in three seconds. Likewise you can’t concentrate on what you are trying to do while figuring out what is in the drawer before you at …

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Organized Tools

Organizing The Toolshed

Are you thinking about organizing the toolshed? Definition of tool: a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function. Because each tool has a particular function it can be categorized just like any other household item. The First Step The first step in organizing tools is to …

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Organized Appliances

Organizing Appliances

Are you organizing appliances? The first step to organizing your kitchen appliances is to declutter. Do you really need all those different appliances? Do you use them once a month? If not they may not be earning the realty in your kitchen. This is often the hardest step. If you don’t use the appliance, no matter how …

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Downsizing Senior Floor Plan


Downsizing Today Are you in the midst of organizing an estate? In the February 2021 edition ForbesAdvisor notes that the number of people who retired in 2021 rose 1.2 million people over last year’s number. Perhaps fueled by the circumstances of the pandemic a record number of people chose to start the next chapter of …

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Saturation Systems Cartoon

Saturation Systems

Do you know about saturation systems? Some say they just don’t have the “organizing gene”. Is it genetics or neurology? Is a person just “too creative” to be organized? Some have a whole library of organizing books. I once organized 12 organizing books out of a cluttered house because clearly they hadn’t changed a thing …

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Tidying the junk drawer

Tidying the Junk Drawer

Are you Tidying the Junk Drawer? Google’s definition of a junk drawer: A drawer designated for the storage of various miscellaneous, small, occasionally useful items of little value. Google’s definition of junk: old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value.”the cellars are full of junk” Can’t Use What You Cant Find I think …

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