disorganized relationship distress

Disorganized Distress

Is your family experiencing disorganized distress? Those of us who count as professional organizers know well the resulting distress of disorganization. Some are calling asking to help their partner become more in tune with the household needs in regards to keeping possessions in check. We’ve all felt it — the closing-in feeling that arises when …

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decade file overhaul categories

Decade File Overhaul

“Life gets in the way”, they say, and this fact influences how often files get their needed attention. This file system is the life paper of a single man. Having owned a couple of houses in a couple of states and being middle-aged, he had plenty of paperwork to keep track of. I met this …

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AARP Shredding Event

AARP Free Shredding

AARP is occasionally on location to shred all the bags sensitive information you have to bring after organizing. If you have checked the cost of shredding you will know what a community service this is! https://states.aarp.org/tag/free-document-shredding Do you have some old files that need shredding? Contact us for help! Interested to learn more about hiring …

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