Change of Season Organizing

It’s happening. The change of season is here and that means it’s time to reassess where we are organizationally. If you are in the northern climes the summer clothes are put away and the picnic things are put back in they out-of-the-way location in the home. So where do we start to review where we are as far as organizing in the home weather-wise? Put it on the schedule! Put it on a specific day when all family members can contribute to the task of winterizing. There’s a lot to do, so let’s get started!

House Interior

  • Have the furnace and air conditioning system serviced.
  • Get the chimney swept.
  • Change any filters in heating system.
  • Test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Might as well order a new refrigerator water filter(Google make and model).
  • Air/foam seal any openings where critters can get in.
  • Review weather stripping on windows and doors to ensure minimum heat loss.
  • Replace window screens for storm windows, newly washed.
  • Change any evaporation pads in humidifiers.
  • Install from insulators behind outlets to minimize heat loss.

Outside the house

  • Take in hoses so they don’t deteriorate in the cold, drain outside faucets.
  • Trim hanging branches and cut down any perilous trees given storm season.
  • Close up any outdoor activity areas such as a fire pit or pool.
  • Check bulbs so you don’t have to change them in the winter cold.
  • Clean gutters.
  • Fix any roof leaks.
  • Paint caulk and seal any outside run down areas.
  • Order firewood or pellets.
  • The change of season for many of us means the fragile plants are brought inside or the empty planters are stowed away for the winter.
  • Next, shake and clean any rugs used outdoors and stow out of the way as well.
  • Outdoor furniture should also be stowed away from the harsh elements as well else their material weakens. If that is impossible get covers.
  • If you were lucky enough to get to grilling this summer it’s time to give it a clean and stow away for the season as well.
  • Of course as you empty the deck of plants, rugs and outdoor furniture it’s a good idea to sweep before snow hardens the stray dirt spilled and outdoor rugs. Stray pine needles can cause mold in between the decking.
  • Stain and seal any deck areas where water does not bead up when poured on.
  • Cleaning windows usually brings to mind spring and of course they need to be attended to after the long winter but you will need every bit of light throughout the dark winter so a good cleaning in the fall is ideal.
  • Clean and seal any concrete areas around the house.
  • Reseal the asphalt in the drive.
  • Fertilize, pirate, reseed the lawn.
  • Get the drive ready for plowing by marking any areas or moving anything in the way.
  • Get ice-melt for stairways.


  • Fall is the time to declutter the garage so that the car can fit in once again and the snowblower can easily come in and out. Put away the garden things.
  • Time will fly by so you might as well dig out the winter items of sleds and shovels and put somewhere easily accessible.
  • Once the garage is put back together for the winter give it a good sweep.

The Car and machines

  • Some things to add to the car emergency kit might be warm blankets, warm packs, first aid supplies, flashlight, glow in the dark ribbon, Fix-a-Flat, a rag, jumper cables, oil.
  • Get a checkup for tires and fluids.
  • Winterize summer lawn equipment by draining or adding the required fluids.

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Wondering what it’s like to work with an organizer? Check out this New York Times article!

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