Continue Filing Backlog…

Here’s one line of notes from our most recent virtual session

Every organizing session is unique. This also applies to virtual organizing.

As the client processes the paperwork I keep track on my end with notes I later rewrite and send in the invoice to remind the client what was done.

In this session we made tabs for categories made from last session’s paper processing in the new plastic mobile filing system. This system has a top so it can be easily transported to where ever it may be needed. Continuing to process the backlog of paper that piled up when regular filing had to be abandoned by a urgent schedule change we came across new categories that had yet to have a hanging file in its name so we made some new categories to house the newfound subject matter.

In two quick sessions and a shopping trip this client had a new system for some old, some new paperwork. Virtual organizing keeps you focused at home when you might wander.

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