Devil’s in the Details

It is said: devil’s in the details. I couldn’t help thinking about this saying when I was considering buying a new light fleece for exercise days. I noticed at home that I had one in the style of the picture number two that I never wore. I realized I never wore it because it was one iota harder to put on than the one pictured in the first photograph. A full zip means I don’t have to lift my arms up over my head disordering any hairdo or catching on any jewelry. This kind of observation is characteristic of how I see the world-with an organizer’s mind. I’m not sure why I notice these methods of operation more than dreaming of human kind’s destiny for example. I’ve been told I have a Virgo moon or something but all I know is that it comes second nature to me. I won’t buy the pull-over version because of the tiny added disruption it requires to put on. I wonder how many other people have realized this and also don’t wear the partial zip version fleece for that reason.

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