Organized Appliances

Organizing Appliances

Are you organizing appliances? The first step to organizing your kitchen appliances is to declutter. Do you really need all those different appliances? Do you use them once a month? If not they may not be earning the realty in your kitchen. This is often the hardest step. If you don’t use the appliance, no matter how much you like it, it’s time to let it go; rice cookers, juicers, egg poachers-you know the ones. 

If you don’t use them now chances are you’re not going to in the future. House only appliances you really use in your cabinets. If you are really struggling with this try this trick: resolve to keep it for a month and at the end of that month if you haven’t used it, donate it or give it to a friend. Don’t forget to put it on your calendar or you’ll forget it along with everything else you neglect to put on your calendar!

Or you can try putting it in a box and storing it out of the way. If you never use it in the next month you can donate it to Goodwill or sell it on FaceBook Marketplace. If it’s not working, don’t bother keeping it. Find a e-waste recycle center near you and bring it along with all the others that should go to the grave.

If you have limited storage space as most do, one way to optimize it is by buying multiple-use appliances. For example, you can buy a food processor that is also a blender.

Declutter your Cabinets

Once you have edited the appliances, it’s important to edit your cabinets as well. Are there lots of things in there you hardly use? Should they also be donated or moved to a secondary area where they do not interfere with the regular work flow of your kitchen? You might hire a professional organizer to do a good sort if you are finding it hard to get motivated.


  • Wrap the cord around an appliance before storing with a wire twist tie to keep it manageable when you go to get it out again.
  • Store appliances on in separate storage area or on higher shelves.
  • Make sure you have a good step-stool nearby to access high storage areas when needed.
  • Google the appliance manual online and save it somewhere in your digital files to cut down on the unnecessary paper clutter.
  • Store smaller parts that go with the appliance in a clear ziplock bag and label with a Sharpie and store nearby to be sure you don’t lose track of what they go to.

Group by Use

Group your appliances by use: frequently used, rarely used, and never used. Put the frequently used ones on the counter top where they can be accessed easily along with items that should always be within reach such as knives, cutting board, sauté pan, and a small/medium pot. If it’s at all hard to use something the chances that you make the effort in a commonly busy life is much less.


Now that you have only the appliances you use, store them where you use them. I prefer to store frequently used appliances on the countertop or the lowest shelf of an upper cabinet for easy access. Don’t be afraid to store your often- used appliances on the countertop near where it is used. The clear countertop-kitchens so frequently photographed in magazines are hardly a reality for most. Your first priority is to make your kitchen functional.

There is no one right way to store them. Your method will depend on how you use your kitchen, which appliances you use regularly, and the amount of kitchen cabinet storage space you have.

kitchen appliance storage

As you can see juices, popcorn and smoothies are all ready to be assembled by storing the appliance accessible on the counter uniformly spaced to be easier on the eye.


It’s important to take a look at your kitchen a couple times a year to keep it reflecting how you use it exactly for highest efficiency. Again if you need to hire a professional organizer spend the money to get it done right and stop anguishing over a to-do that can be conquered in a couple of hours with a professional.


If you are going to have appliances don’t pack them away for space sake or you’ll never use them because you don’t want to add excavation to your task when trying to put together something to eat. Use them or lose them. Lucky you if you have enough counter space in your kitchen to hold all the ones you’d like to use weekly!

Need to get your kitchen more serviceable? Contact us to get some help!

Interested to know more about hiring a professional organizer? Check out this New York Times article!

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