Easy Steps to Clean out Your Closet

Are you looking for an easy way to clean out your closet?

I hear it all the time: people start to tackle a closet, get mid-way, only to wind up overwhelmed and worse than they were at the beginning.

The key to successful editing of any area is methodology. What you put where, when matters so check out this technique and give it a try!

If you are simply stymied all alone invite an organized friend in exchange for something you can do for them or try enlisting a profession organizer to lead you through. virtually.

Mind you virtual organizing is NOT the same for every home organizer. Most will provide an app to use and send various emails to “support” you. Having organized 12 books about organizing out of someone’s home one time, I know everything happens in the method and that gets lost in the space between words on a page and the client actually touching things and moving them in the space in an organized way.

Here’s some tips as to how to clean out that medium-sized clothing closet and do it right.

  1. Research closet spaces for the various ways clothes are stored in a closet.
  2. Schedule two hours of uninterrupted time(kids and pets entertained/occupied)
  3. Get a pen and pad of paper to list things that come up as you work such as needed items to round out your wardrobe appropriately(khakis, black skirt to go with jacket, etc)
  4. Get a glass/bottle of water to take with you to declutter
  5. Gather black, white and grocery trash bags
  6. Clear ample surrounding space in the room where the closet is located.
  7. Empty the closet from left to right and top to bottom-except for the floor-do that first.
  8. As you take each item out, place it in a category that you name in the room area provided.
  9. When you pick up item #1 make a decision on it, do not pick up something else before doing this.
  10. Category names could be: Donate, GiveAway, Maybe (to review at the end if you simply can’t decide now), Keep(Hats, Tanks, Shorts, Pants, Skirts, Belts, etc.).
  11. Use black bags for the “Trash”, white bags for “Donation”, and use smaller grocery bags for things to hand off to friends and family (just be sure they want them!)
  12. Be sure to guard space around each category so that they don’t mix and become confusing.
  13. If the Donate or Trash categories becomes too big for your space provided relay to garage or car where they will be taken away at the earliest convenience.
  14. If an item is sentimental and you don’t wear it consider moving the item to a place where you can see it displayed in your everyday workings or to a place out of the way like a guest room closet for safe keeping.
  15. If the item is stained, ripped, snagged, or doesn’t fit try to use the most critical eye here in determining if that item deserves such. high value space as your closet. If you are having difficulty with this step invite an organized friend or professional organizer to help.
  16. Goodwill makes rags from clothes it can’t sell so don’t worry about the condition of the clothing as long as it’s clean.
  17. If there are non-clothing items in the area consider a better home for them in another room or closet. (Put it by the door “on its way” to the other location at the end of sorting.
  18. Once everything is out of the closet clean it.
  19. Go through each category you have made in the room and edit it. If you have duplicates, or haven’t worn it in a long time or it just isn’t right for you anymore relegate it to the Donate or Trash pile.
  20. Consider the best technique for storage for your needs: cost, ease of installation, ease of change when your wardrobe changes…
  21. Select one to two kinds of hangers in your closet for the various items and put them all facing one direction on the pole.
  22. Replace items as makes sense to you; like things together, seasonal separately if applicable
  23. Put taking items to donate or to friends or family on your calendar where it makes sense.
  24. Put items back where you made their homes when organizing after they are laundered.
  25. Repeat yearly.

Are you needing some help? Contact us to get some!

Interested to know more bout hiring a professional organizer? Check out this New York Times article!

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