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Best Way to Organize a Garden Shed: Finely Sorted Organizing Featured in The Bangor Daily News

Best Way to Organize a Garden Shed

What’s the best way to organize a garden shed? Time to crack open the garden shed to see where you left off last season and see if perhaps you can make some improvements on its organizing system. Finely Sorted Organizing is honored to be featured in The Bangor Daily News article “How to Organize Your Garden Shed”. Here for you to pick up any tips that might add to the organization of your shed are parts of Sam Shipani’s piece of February 13, 2021. Sam writes:

Step 1: Evaluate your space

Step 2: Declutter

Step 3: Find a spot for every item

Step 4: Head to the hardware store

Step 5: Label items’ homes

Step 6: Keep it clean — or as clean as possible

Edited article used with permission of Bangor Daily News

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