Senior Closet Organizing

How to Organize the Senior Closet

There are many things to consider when organizing how to organize the senior closet. Recently there seems to be a resurgence of an interest in having seniors age in place, in their home as long as possible. Seniors, their families, and assisted living centers can benefit greatly from regular senior organization. With more of the population reaching retirement age and their families and adult children far away, extra preparation and organizing can go a long way. There are many ways that Finely Sorted Organizing can help seniors get organized. When a senior gets up in years things like pairing clothes to match sometimes fall by the wayside.

It takes some outside help to keep the living standards at home doable. We asked the senior whose clothes we were organizing if she would be open to having her closet organized so that her caretakers could more easily access her clothing. Seeing as she rarely selected her clothes anymore it was left to the caregiver to grab something appropriate and help her into them. Anyone who knows anything about caregiving knows that usually there is no time to spare. With a sweet nod of her head we were on the job to make everyone’s lives easier.

How to Organize the Senior Closet: Categorizing

The first step to getting a senior’s closet organized is the get a collection of trash bags or boxes. Make about an uninterrupted three hours to revamp the closet. Make sure there is ample room on the bed to make categories of the clothes taken out of the closet. As you take everything out place them in categories such as: tops, sweaters, pants, etc.

Try not to just dump everything in one pile but categorize as you go. Don’t try to decide if it’s wanted or not or where it should go if not wanted yet. Trying to do both these things at the same time will cause you to get overwhelmed and lose focus. You must concentrate on only taking out the clothes and categorizing them-that’s all.

How to Organize the Senior Closet: Sorting it out

Once you have everything out of the closet and categorized on the bed or neighboring chairs, begin to go through each category and review if it fits, if your senior likes it, if it is appropriate for the season, if it is in good condition. If one of these is a no and there are plenty of clothes try to move these along to a donation pile. Again be sure to consider these things only after all clothes are out and categorized.

How to Organize the Senior Closet: Storing

Once all the donation items are bagged up and placed outside the room door you can begin to think about replacing the clothes in the closet making sure seasonal clothing is separated into current and off-season storing the off-season somewhere out of prime real estate space but near enough to access when the season changes. Storing them too far away such as the basement or attic will make changing out the seasons that much harder. There are a couple ways to store things back in the closet.

You can place each category you have made on the bed back in the closet together or you can go about matching tops to bottoms for super ease for dressing by a caregiver. Things most used place most accessible. Things used less often place in recesses of closet where they can be reached but are not in the way of the more used clothing. Tip: making all the hangers the same or at the most two types will keep the visual clutter to a minimum. Buy more of the kinds you like to accommodate the clothes. Most likely though you will have extras after the weeding process mentioned in the previous paragraph.

How to Organize the Senior Closet: Maintenance

Once the edited collection of clothes are placed back in the closet it’s time to consider how you will keep this order. Is there good space between the items so they can be seen and picked out easily? If not and there are more used than necessary you may revisit the weeding process to make more cuts in the collection.

Moving forward maintaining this order will depend on the caregivers placing the clean clothes back in the closet in the appointed places by this organizing process. Take time to inform your caregivers of the system you have made so they can follow it. If new clothes are introduced try to eliminate something least used to keep the space in the closet.

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