I might need it someday

I Might Need It Someday

You Might Need it Someday?

Ever say to yourself, “I might need it someday,” when trying to get organized? Decluttering is a hard task for sure. If it weren’t, you would be perfectly organized. One thing that stops many from letting go of excess things is the worry that if sold, trashed or donated it might be needed someday. There is a way to make it easier to decide. Instead of asking yourself “What if I need it someday”, ask yourself, “Is this taking up valuable space I could use to store something I definitely use currently or simply to enjoy the space and spend less time cleaning around it.

I might need it someday.

The simple question demands thought for sure. To cover your bases ask yourself whether you could easily afford to replace it if you had to. In this case you’re probably better off keeping the cash somewhere and acquiring space instead. If it’s a one-of-a-kind or very expensive item obviously it’s a harder decision. This brings us back to the original question of whether the item is affecting the life you want to have. If it is taking up valuable space but is not so expensive to replace, you know you’re better off without it.

I might need it someday!?

Thought processes go like this: The old basketball holds the promise of me becoming an exercising person. It tricks you into thinking I’m gonna change to an avid exercise program tomorrow. It helps you feel less wasteful for buying that ball that you never use (but might!). And by keeping the ball, I can tell myself that I am doing great things for my health without actually playing basketball because, you know, you can play whenever you want to.

20 years of “I might need it one day.”

The above photo is about 20-30 years of saying, “I might need it someday”. In fact what you DON’T need is a dumpster full of damp, soiled, dusty, stained items that emerge from the basement when you have to do repairs or remodels. You may not get the great feeling you imagine it will be to get to that one day saying, “I’m so glad I saved this because I did need it again!”, but instead you will have the many benefits of SPACE! No need to clean space, move it to get to something else, lose track of it because it was so long ago you stored it or remove it for other reasons.

What State of Mind are You Living In?

When you live from a place where ‘you might need it one day’ you start making poor decisions in what you let live in your home.  You stop editing the contents of you home and start becoming a storage facility. Instead of focusing on beautiful and useful things you are preparing for eventuality which we all know is a hard thing to do but in eventualities skills will count better than stockpiled resources. Likely there will be a better version created by designers and developers of products-either in construction or capabilities.

What is Security?

The extra stuff can provide some with security but the possible space gained can lead to life-giving state instead. Just think, if you didn’t own the item. if it were sitting in your friend’s basement would you take a note to buy one even though you didn’t need it? Probably not. Simply already owning an item makes it harder to let go of but it doesn’t make it more valuable to you.

Someone Else Can Use It

You could also try thinking, “Could someone else use this now if I donated it to a charity?” Lots of times this is a key element that promotes letting go of an item-whether or not someone will value it as much as you do. I will add that in the 20+ years of organizing no one has ever called me sighting that they did in fact need the thing they got rid of. One can rent or barrow. Having space around those items you truly use is so important. Visual excess distracts us from the truly important people and things in our lives.

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