Virtual Organizing More Convenient

Not All Virtual Organizing is the Same

Wondering about virtual organizing? Is it for you? How does it work exactly?

Sometimes there are no professional organizers in your area, you don’t have time for a two-hour appointment, you don’t want anyone in your home or you’re seeking a more affordable option. Virtual organizing started to take off when people needed multi-purpose rooms because of Covid and spending more time surrounded by their home environment, also due to Covid. Peruse the Google results for virtual organizing and you will find different professional organizers mean different things by the words. Reading their Services pages you will find that many organizers simply look at your home via a video platform and then write up a description or plan of how to improve the space on your own, checking in periodically to provide motivation and guidance via email or phone.

What is virtual organizing?

This is entirely different from what I offer as virtual organizing. When you make a time to meet me virtually or by phone after an overview of the entire space we will lose little time in starting to make decisions together about what to do with each item. I actually walk the client through each item in order that the client cannot fail. I ask a lot of who, what, where, when question that help you to decide the right home for the item at hand.

The client does the physical part of bringing the things that are going out of the area being organized to their new home in the house after the session. The client takes what is determined to be trash to its bin in the garage or where ever it lives in your home. The client takes the items that are not wanted but recyclable to the respective recycling bin down stairs or outside. It’s the exact same professional guidance you get when I’m on-site so there is no loss of value in the service. It is exactly the same as if I am there on-site except I do none of the physical work.

Some clients need the physical part of an on-site organizer. In that case I encourage them to recruit someone who will act as a mover, a mover of the things we are making decision on and the boxes they become. Your helper picks up the first item where you decide to start. You make the call whether you want the item or not and where it should go after that. When you have made your decision your helper puts the item in the appropriate category that organizer and client have agreed upon in the work area: keep, trash, recycle, donate, give to family/friend/organization and shred. You are there to make the decisions and you have the physical help you need.

Virtual Organizing What Is It?

Virtual organizing is more affordable because I can pass along the savings of travel, more private because the client shows me only the parts of her home s/he elects to, more convenient because clients can make a one-hour appointment in a larger range of time slots rather than a two hour minimum work session for on-site organizing, it is Covid-safe because the organizer never sets foot in the home and finally is the best replacement for when there are no professional organizers in your area or you’ve tried them and for whatever reason it was not a good fit.

Hard to go wrong with virtual organizing when done this way. The difference of the two methods of virtual organizing is night and day. To me, a written summary of what the client should do on their own is not much better than an organization book-of which I once organized 12 organizing books out of a home.

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