Not All Virtual Organizing is the Same

Wondering about virtual organizing? Is it for you? How does it work exactly?

Peruse the Google results of virtual organizing and you will find different professional organizers mean different things by the word. Reading their Services pages you will find the large majority of organizers simply look at your home via a video platform and then write up a description or plan of how to improve the space, checking in periodically to provide motivation and guidance via email or phone.

This is entirely different from what I offer as “virtual organizing”. When you make a time to meet me virtually or by phone after an overview of the entire space we will lose litle time in starting to make decisions together about what to do with an item. I actually walk the client through each piece of house contents-be it clutter or something to save in order that the client cannot fail, cannot lose time trying to declutter and systemize. Therefore it is exactly the same as if i am there on-site except I do none of the physical work.

Virtual organizing in this way is more affordabel because I can pass along the saving of no travel, more private because the client shows me only the parts of her home she elects to, more convenient because clients can make a one-hour appointment in a larger range of time slots rather than a two hour minimum between normal work hours for on-site organizing, and finally it is Covid-safe because the organzier never sets foot in the home.

Hard to go wrong with virtual organizing. When will you give it a try for your persistent cluttered areas? Get in touch! 207-613-5375

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