On-Site Organizing


Don’t worry, no need to buy things to get organized.

We repurpose the containers you already have to reorganize your home if desired. Trash bags or boxes for the first meeting are needed since usually organizing involves a pruning of the home contents.

I share many tips and tricks I have learned over the years of research with client experience. At the end of our virtual organizing sessions you will see a reduction in clutter, you will have gained more confidence in your own organizational skills and feel more empowered in your home.

It may be the command center, a closet, kitchen, garage, attic, file system, basement, kid’s room or tool shed-any space can be addressed with on-site organizing. We may be attending to a chronically disorganized problem area, preparing to sell a house, cleaning out an estate, challenging that downsizing project or packing boxes to move. No matter what you need help with, in regards to things in your home, we can help!


Whether you’d like to clear out the clutter so you can enjoy your retirement or process your history so that you can distribute heirlooms to family, the process of downsizing doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Emotions are buried in clutter.

We take over the technical part of the emotional journey necessary to make decisions on items.

We also escort you through these items charged with memories and meaning. Having a hand to hold is often half the battle(and of course putting it on your calendar!). Get the support you need for boxes that bring up strong emotions.

“Kim’s help was invaluable in organizing my kitchen in our one-hour virtual session. She walked me through, step by step, and gave me assistance that has made a huge difference for our family!” -J.M. Massachusettes

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