Organizing a breakthrough with Jennifer Hooper

Organizing a Breakthrough

Organizing a Break Through with Jennifer Hooper Coaches

My work as an organizer starts with asking a lot of questions about the physical thing that is before a client. This helps them come to a decisions about how it relates to the Now and therefore what should be done with it, where should it live. But sometimes there is no physical stuff blocking the way. Trauma comes in many forms and impacts people in a variety of ways. Jennifer is trained regularly on the effects of trauma and how it impacts daily life and thought processes. She seeks to understand, empathize, and structure her services to acknowledge and overcome these negative aspects.

Who Can Fix Your Problem?

Sometimes there are intangible things blocking the way to the life one wants to live so we must be mindful about choosing the practitioner to remedy the blockage. This week I met with Jennifer Hooper of who helps people overcome their blocks and personal hurdles to the life desired. In my case, the intangibles that get in the way of developing my business, which there are a few that I was able to name in our first inquiry session to see about how she could improve my entrepreneur experience.

Defining What Is Lacking

Jennifer asked me questions about the vision for my business and what about it was still stuck in my imagination. Like everyone there are things I’d like to improve and fleshing them out with someone who is trained to help people unlock the intangible things that affect an outcome led me to some actual steps I could take to progress toward making my vision of my business a reality.

Fleshing It Out

By reflecting on my ideas with Jennifer I was able to define the some of the things I am underperforming at and go about fixing the problem. She connected me with a professional who might fill the gap in my business consulting and restated my own words back to me to be sure I said what I meant and meant what I said. By “peeling back the layers” that hide the real personal substance beneath life’s obstacles she can bring real change to an entrepreneur’s trajectory.

Organizing the Right Program for You

Jennifer offers a few different options for people who think this kind of work could help them from one-on-one sessions to group virtual meetings where 12 people contribute to the discussion. Depending on the level of privacy you need and kinds of traumas you have to deal with she has various levels of engagement for the different phases of a life. If you like a regular meeting time over a fixed amount of weeks she has that program. If you prefer to have her on-call when you need some extra support she has a program designed for you too.

It takes a village to solve all the problems before us and Jennifer offers a valuable tool for improving a skillset to alight in the reality of the vision you have for your business and personal life as well.

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