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A usual part of organizing is taking donations to various places to be reused after processing all the things in an area.. Often-times this is the key that allows clients to let go of something they don’t really need. As soon as they think of a homeless pet using their things clients lighten up when facing whether an item is needed or not. Otherwise clients may look distraught knowing the item is not needed it but not able to easily let it go. So here are some lists describing what charity organizations accept to make it easier to let go and create much needed space in what should be your relaxing home.

Donations for Humane Societies

Although the Bangor, Maine Humane Society includes many other things on their wish list, the following are items frequently appearing in my organizing jobs.

  • Blankets
  • Sheets-pillow cases
  • travel carriers
  • shoe boxes
  • Plastic containers
  • bleach
  • office supplies

Donations for Goodwill

In recent months I have seen articles about Goodwill getting too much trash in donations. My clients though often think their things are not good enough. I am a Goodwill shopper so I know what they put on their shelves. They also make rags out of clothing that they can’t put up for sale. As of now they no longer will pick up items by appointment and no longer accept exercise equipment or furniture.

Goodwill accepts:

  • small appliances
  • area rugs
  • bed frames
  • bicycles
  • books
  • cars
  • clothing
  • computers
  • dishes
  • lamps
  • media items
  • shoes
  • sports equipment
  • televisions
  • tools
  • toys

Items Goodwill does not accept:

  • air conditioners
  • weapons
  • large appliances
  • auto parts
  • baby equipments
  • pillows
  • helmuts
  • bunk beds
  • chemicals
  • debris
  • standing copiers
  • exercise equipment
  • fishing tackle
  • flamables & hazardous waste
  • food
  • furniture
  • hospital beds
  • humidifiers
  • light bulbs
  • liquids
  • mattresses
  • medical devices
  • pharmaceuticals
  • pianos
  • recalled items
  • smoke detectors
  • swingsets
  • tube-style televisions
  • Venetian blinds
  • wall to wall carpeting

Donations for The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has some do’s and don’s and an evaluation sheet you can view on their website to calculate the write-off amount for taxes. They still will pick up large items by appointment.

BestBuy accepts working AND NOT WORKING printers

As of today they accept three printers per person per day.

Habitat for Humanity Donations

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