Organizing Makeup and Polish

Organizing Makeup

Organized Polish

Why are we organizing makeup?

According to Money Magazine the average woman will spend $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime. Science of People writes that the two primary reasons people wear makeup are for camouflage and seduction. With all this money, effort and energy put into decorating our faces it’s more important than ever to make sure what you have is still what you still want. Every person’s organizing situation is different due to the objects to store and the available storage but some things are universal. Mostly everyone has makeup they should rotate out for new.

Change it out

Local beauty professional and makeup artist Robin of Beauty by Robin Studios presented at a recent Women’s Expo virtual event and noted that makeup should be changed out at least every year for safety and sanitation. In regards to organizing makeup she recommend marking on the product when you purchased it so that purging yearly will be a breeze. I realize this is a detail few will tend to but the tip will shorten the purging session and keep your makeup fresh.

organizing makeup

Not getting overwhelmed: organizing makeup

There’s a good reason people steer clear of organizing their makeup. As with organizing anything it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When you decide to organize your makeup make sure you have a good long uninterrupted time span to focus on the project. If you have to take a call or eat it will be that much harder to get back in the groove of what you were doing. When beginning empty all makeup from its storage and place on a table set up temporarily or if you have space on your countertop better yet. Take each item out and decide what category it belongs and place it on the table in that specified category you make depending on what kinds of makeup you uncover: eye shadow, mascara, bronzer, blush, brow pencils, etc. After you have take then all out and categorized them go through each category to check for the ones you need to let go due to age or just not your fancy any longer. Things that are not makeup put to the side for now and do at a later time. Most likely after purging a few pieces you will have more space to better store the makeup afterwards. The easy part is cleaning the newfound space in preparation for the replacement of the makeup.

Asses area for possible storage ideas

This client’s makeup included mostly eye shadow and nail polish in this area. we simply pulled down the nail polish so that it was below eye level and stowed it in a newly emptied drawer that pulls out fully so each one could be seen at a glance. We did the same for the eye-shadow. in this case there was space in these drawers nearby so we decided to use them for our project. After organizing the drawers we had space to put our weeded collection and it left good space in the cabinet for folded towels. But we are not quite done organizing makeup.

folded towels

A place for clean towels!


How do you keep the chaos from slipping back in you ask? Firstly know what you have. After weeding take a look at your collection and see where the whole and gaps are. Make a list right then of the things you need to buy to round out your makeup supply. Once you have purchased what you need beware of impulse shopping when you buy an eyeshadow color that you already have because you wanted to take something home. You know you have the complete show at home, no need to add repeats. If you do want the space for the odd purchase of a new color then you want to be ruthless about weeding the collection to make space. Vitally important is that you replace the makeup to where you decided it should live every time after use.

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If you would like to know more about hiring a professional organizer check out this article in The New York Times!

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