organizing personal care

Organizing Personal Care

Organizing personal care? I love personal care products as much as anyone and we all know how common it is to receive them as gifts. Inevitably there comes a day when the in-home storage for them needs a review. Danielle became interested in my organizing services while helping me improve my marketing in a few different platforms. Storage for personal care products was on her list to downsize. First we emptied the closet space where they were stored one by one naming each item category and placing it in a temporary area for that category as we identified each piece methodically.

Various categories for her products included: spa, teeth, hair, nails, perfume, skin in addition to her medicines and laundry which shared the space. After the whole closet was emptied and everything was categorized she purged each category so that most were shrunk by a quarter in size.

While sorting she related that much of the lot was either given to her by her family or sent via a subscription service. I suggested she lay down the law as far as gifts were concerned by requesting friends and family give non cluttering items for special days and holidays. The look on her face when she related her subscriptions to personal care product mailing services told me she already learned that it was not the best way to stay lean in storage.

After sorting and purging we explored her home for containers that would fit the new size of each category. I suggested she could visit the Container Store or The Dollar Store to shop containers that are uniform in appearance just to make the glance into the closet a bit easier on the eyes but for the time being it was already such a relief to have fully reviewed the contents to match with her current needs.

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