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Organizing the Neurodiverse

Skye Rapson of unconventionalorganisation.com from New Zealand; Doctoral Candidate, Business Owner, Former Youthline Phone Counsellor, University Tutor and Neurodiverse Learning Facilitator, Diagnosed with ADHD.

Organizing with ADHD, ADD and ADHD+ASD; the Neurodiverse Community

From time to time I get a specific request for ADHD-skilled organizing. Though most organizing services will help those in this category to some degree there are those whose main focus is targeting specific techniques proven to aid in the mastering of the home environment for those diagnosed with ADHD.

I was pleased to meet Skye virtually to discuss what kind of services she offers for those in need. Addressing habit forming, routines, open storage systems, dopamine-minded regimens Skye applies her extensive academic background to improving the life of those afflicted with ADHD. I enjoyed speaking with her via Zoom one evening as I learned about her approach and history with ADD, ADHD, and ADHD+ASD.

What About Children?

Could your child with ADHD also have autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?You will want to get a comprehensive evaluation and an accurate diagnosis. Autism is among co-existing conditions that commonly occur with ADHD. How are they different? The most notable symptoms of ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Autism often includes problems with social interactions, communication, and repetitive or ritualistic behaviors. Children with autism have certain behaviors such as limited imaginative play or lack of gesture language. They often find it challenging to manage social interactions and emotions.

While the basic components of ADHD and ASD are different, some overlap exists. Both can cause social challenges. For those with ADHD, the root causes may include inattention and inability to organize their thoughts, or impulsivity. Those with autism, the reasons are often different such as challenged in understanding nonverbal communication and delays in language skills.

More Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Experts agree using a planner, use of eye-catching materials, a spiral notebook for each project and a brain-dump notebook can ease the difficulty distraction a bit. Other methods include banking online, buffering appointment times by 15 minutes, having a five-box method for sorting (near the trash) into keep, toss, give-away, donate, trash and shred. I would add purging ruthlessly, creative visual reminders, body doubles, cutting out and pasting company logos on your file folders for ease of reference, saying no to junk mail and working on a single task at a time.


Setting smaller goals, planning for longer task times and being mindful to follow thought on putting things back in their determined homes helps with the challenge. Try delegating tasks you are not suited for to respective area service providers or family and friends. Make a recycling box for non-shreddable paper under your desk that can take a year’s worth of content. Try keeping files manageable by consulting a professional organizer and get the focus you need by employing a body double be it an organizer, friend or family member to “just be there” to create the atmosphere of focus.

Be Resourceful Instead of Stocking Up

Be resourceful rather than prepared as far as stuff is concerned; it is saner to be resilient about occasionally doing without than to keep lots of overstock, being minimal about grocery shopping buying only what you will eat until the next shopping time. Taxes are on the way. Have at least a shoebox for tax papers to start with(it’s better than nothing!). Place all insurance policies in one file for simplicity since they are referenced so rarely. Organize according to what you need to retrieve how often, keeping contacts in one spot only, using clear bins, organizing into larger categories instead of every piece of paper.

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