How to Prepare to Sell a Home

Sometimes Finely Sorted Organizing gets a request to clean out a home to prepare to sell; to empty a home stocked with up to fifty years of leftover belongings!

Prepare to Sell a Home: Decor

In this particular case because the home had been empty for three years most of the contents had been moved to the owner’s current home. But after a thorough triage of the remaining house contents, passing the results by the owner to be sure s/he doesn’t want anything remaining in the house, I often find things I can use to stage the house for sale. This old house had the charm of good bones, as they say, so I needed to use things that reflected its spirit. Though there was little furniture left in the home at time of sale I was able to use these few finds to illustrate an abbreviated shabby chic style that brought a little coastal charm to the scene. The big windows helped out by flooding the room with natural light. You can see the vintage curtains I used to provide a bit of comforting textile to the ensemble to spark the buyers’ imagination.

Prepare to Sell a Home: Fixer-upper

After having been on the market for three years as a bit of a fixer-upper a buyer was finally enticed when the clutter was eliminated and selected things were used to decorate here and there. The buyers were a farming couple from Florida looking for a quaint, historical summer home in beautiful Blue Hill, Maine. They were willing to make the substantial upgrades to this proud old home located in ideal Maine for summers.

Prepare to Sell a Home: Yard Sale

Most don’t elect to have a yard sale to clear out the remaining items used to stage the home because it’s too much work and not worth their time. In this case in addition tot he things I had saved from the original contents of the home I had purchased many things to accent the ten big empty rooms here and there so I elected to have a yard sale to move them on to good homes. One thing for sure if you want to learn about your old home have a yard sale. There were so many who stopped by out of curiosity seeing the For Sale sign on the lawn who offered tidbits of information about the house. One person told me “back in the day” it used to be a boarding home for women where the matron of the house would keep away the interested members of the opposite sex by pulling out a rifle!

Prepare to Sell a Home: The Cleanup

After all the decor has been sold off or donated it’s time to clean up the surfaces and corners. Finding a reliable house cleaner in the area that can handle such a behemoth of a house is important. Usually there are out-buildings that need some cleanup as well. Finding these reliable third parties to help in the preparations to sell means calling a round and interviewing available service people in the area. Because I work in a wide variety of places I often have to work at sourcing these professionals via local real estate agents. Are there specialty surfaces like chrome refrigerators or marble mantels? All of these demand specialty care only a well-experienced professional has knowledge of.

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