Prep to Sell

Sometimes I get a home to empty and prepare for sale that is stocked with fifty years of belongings.

After a thorough triage of the house contents without the original owner present I often find things I can use to stage the house for sale. This old house had the charm of good bones, as they say, so I needed to use things that reflected this spirit. Though there was little furniture left in the home at time of sale I was able to use these few finds to illustrate an abbreviated shabby chic style that brought a little coastal charm to the scene. The big windows helped out by flooding the room with natural light. You can see the vintage curtains, toile pillow cases, draped table covering and frilly vintage lamp shade I used to provide a bit of comforting textile to the ensemble to spark the buyer’s imagination. After having been on the market for three years as a bit of a fixer-upper a buyer was finally enticed when the clutter was eliminated and selected things were used to decorate here and there. The buyers were a farming couple from Florida looking for a quaint, historical summer home in beautiful Blue Hill, Maine.

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