Saturation Systems

I met one family that tried the saturation system: having so many of a thing everywhere that chances are one would be right at their side when needed. This might work if you only have one item to use but when you consider the number of things that a household demands to function you can see how a mountain of things will quickly grow to be overwhelming chaos. Beside each landline phone in the house was a different contact book. Some had one contact while the other book had an expired version of the same contact. Instead of many everywhere make a home for the one item where you return it after every use. This will save you money from buying more of what you already have because you can find it when needed. Placed near other items that are similarly used making the category of office supply for example the umbrella you remember first before refining to the one item needed: scissors.

So began the three phone shuffle in search of the correct number. This particular client had eyes that were not meant for small lettering so I rewrote all the up-to-date contact information in one book for home and one book in case of needing them on the road. Both had bigger spaces in which to enter all the information for ease of sight.

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