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Saturation Systems

Do you know about saturation systems?

Some say they just don’t have the “organizing gene”. Is it genetics or neurology? Is a person just “too creative” to be organized? Some have a whole library of organizing books. I once organized 12 organizing books out of a cluttered house because clearly they hadn’t changed a thing for the better. She felt like a failure because despite having many, the positive effect was none, especially when she could not remember where she put something. Robert (fictitious name) wanted to transition his business. Others make multiple copies of papers to be sure they have a copy somewhere. This kind of compensation will make your office very messy looking before you know it.

Is it a Memory Issue?

Could it be a memory issue that keeps one from having an organized home? Or is it more probably that feeling overwhelmed affects clear thinking? It can be humorous to read about but the situation is a painful one. Imagine all the time people waste looking for that thing or paper they “put in a good place”. They end up spending more money to replace the lost items and time repeated looking for the said items.

Very Intelligent People Can be Very Disorganized

It’s a mystery since many very intelligent people are failing at organizing. They acquire the bad habit of leaving things around randomly because they think that if it is visible at a glance from the middle of a room, it will be more easy to find it later. The resourceful victims of this habit find help in a professional organizer or organized friend but many never get to that point because they are too embarrassed to let anyone in and just suffer.


If you think you are getting overwhelmed because of ADD/ADHD, get evaluated. The right treatment can be the difference between order and chaos. With or without ADD?ADHD many people just cannot sort their stuff. The emotional trips down memory lane can distract you from the systemization. This is why having a body double in the form of a friend or a professional organizer can be very helpful. It helps you keep your head in the game.

One example of a Saturation System

I met one family that tried the saturation system: having so many of a thing everywhere that chances are one would be right at their side when needed. This might work if you only have one item to use but when you consider the number of things that a household demands to function you can see how a mountain of things will quickly grow to be overwhelming chaos.

room of chaos in saturation systems

Many Contact Books

Beside each landline phone in the house was a different contact book. Some had one contact while the other book had an expired version of the same contact. Instead of many everywhere, make a home for the one item where you return it after every use. This will save you money from buying more of what you already have because you can find it when needed-unlike with saturation systems. Placed near other items that are similarly used making the category of office supply for example the umbrella you remember first before refining to the one item needed: scissors.

So began the three phone shuffle in search of the correct number. This particular client had eyes that were not meant for small lettering so I rewrote all the up-to-date contact information in one book for home and one book in case of needing them on the road. Both had bigger spaces in which to enter all the information for ease of sight.

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