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I GET IT… You have years of belongings to go through




Serene Senior Downsizing

Whether you’d like to clear out the clutter so you can enjoy your retirement or process your history so that you can distribute heirlooms to family, the process of downsizing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Emotions are buried in clutter. We take over the technical part of organizing so you can concentrate on the emotional journey necessary to make decisions on items. We also escort you through these items charged with memories and meaning. Having a hand to hold in a time you schedule in your calendar is half the battle. Get the support you need for boxes that can bring strong emotion.


Serene Senior Downsizing:
You can do this even if…

You don’t think you have the time.

This can be done a bit at a time, starting with as little as one hour.

You think it might be too expensive.

You can start with a 3-hour package for as little as $145.

Don’t think it will work for your home.

We can work together to gain control of your situation and create a plan that works.


Feel in control of your future…

Removing chaos from your home will provide a feeling of freedom.

Find good homes for items you no longer need or want…

So that you are not weighed down in your retirement years.

Create a plan for moving your treasured items…

So that you can lead the fulfilling life you’ve dreamt of.

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The Serene Senior
Downsizing Plan

My Signature Product that helps you create a downsizing plan to take charge of your future so that you can live your best life now.


For 3 Hours of
Virtual Downsizing Assistance


Kim Corey professional organizer

Meet Kim

With over 20 years of experience, I can’t wait to create a custom designed organizing plan for you!

When I’m not putting things in their place, I enjoy walking by the water, dancing, and having a meal out with friends.

I’m super excited to help you create the relaxed home you crave!


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