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Home organization is more than a one-time project. It’s a way of life. A well-organized home is a home that works with you rather than against you. That means the things you regularly use should be easily accessible, and most of the things you don’t use should be hidden away from sight. A well-organized home means there are no more frantic searches for your keys, no more lost mail and no more clutter that makes you feel overwhelmed. It all starts with a thoughtful plan and some simple systems.

For the majority of us, getting our homes under control feels like a huge task. Sure, there are some people who are tidy, but for the rest, clutter is just a natural part of living. (It’s also a drag on our bank accounts, since we’re more likely to spend money on things we already have at home but we can’t find. And we’re less likely to miss seeing a bill if it’s sitting in a bills-to-pay file or box instead of in a pile on the floor.) With twenty years of home and office organizing under our belts we share well-tested tips and tricks to keeping a place orderly. Imagine finding the document you want in one minute! You too can have a honed file system. This alone can alleviate what seems to be the eternal task of putting your hand on the item you want like a surgeon in operation or a pilot in flight. Get that feeling of flow in the place you spend most of your recovery time-your home!

So let me lead you to the house that is a home again.

Virtual Organization Services

  • We connect via phone or Internet video
  • You pick up the phone or point the camera of your device at the work area
  • I talk you through the process of organizing in real-time.

If you are too far away from a professional organizer, if you are looking for a more affordable option, if you prefer more privacy, if you are able to do the physical part of organizing, or get help from an assistant and if you have a telephone or high-speed Internet connection I can walk you through the process of organizing via voice or video the exact way as if on-site, in-person. We connect via Internet video platforms like Zoom or FaceBook Video Chat or even telephone to conquer the clutter.

Serene Senior Downsizing Services

Having to move to a smaller footprint? Need help with the distress of preparations for moving or getting unpacked and set-up? Responsible for the estate of a friend or family member? With compassion for the sentiment of belongings and appreciation for the tough decisions, we can patiently sort through files to locate important documents, unpack an average home in days rather than months or even years for some! We have the patience to help you manage the many kinds of tasks required in these demanding transitions. We coordinate donations or selling of unwanted items and connect to many fine charities, auction houses, and handy-people to enhance the process.


On-Site Organization Services

You have a busy life and want to enjoy as much as possible while getting the nitty-gritty done. We empty, sort, purge, contain, and maintain your area of focus-be it home, office, manufacturing, or non-profit. We review your space, goals, preferences, dreams, what works, what doesn’t, and a custom organizing strategy for your particular situation.

We offer suggestions as to the placement and repurposing of objects that could be used for organizing. With the skills to challenge faulty thinking about organizing, we’ll ask you who, what, where, when, why, and how often questions that will help you decide what to do with an item. The length of the project depends on the size and scope of the project and the client’s clarity of priorities. If you are able and willing to do “homework” we are happy to offer that too!


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