“Kim Corey is a fabulous organizer. She helped me look through piles of things stored in my garage, sort them out, identify what was trash and what was treasure. She carted the donations to Goodwill and helped me organize the things that were staying so that they can all be accessed easily. Her prices are extremely reasonable. She’s encouraging and charming. Don’t miss the opportunity to get Kim’s help to organize your belongings.” – L.O., Orono, Maine

Kim helped me in sorting and organizing a large stack of documents by Zoom that I had not been able to get started on. She provided guidance and support throughout the process. Kim is incredible! -S.H. Saco, ME

“Kim co-managed many aspects of my Maui home. From exterior landscape design, liaising with vendors and service people, organizing my extensive tool collection, sale and purchase of furniture, inventory and triage of the family jewelry collection, wardrobe assessment and advising, creating a filing system in dire need of attention and that four years later still serves its purpose well.” -T. G., HI/ CA

“Finely Sorted Organizing helped me out of a pickle.  We had so much clutter we had trouble locating items and would often find ourselves buying things we already had.  Kim Corey decluttered our home.  She is kind and hardworking–and honest.  She helped me locate a diamond ring I thought I’d lost, and also money buried away.  Kim is totally reliable and a pleasure to work with.” -D.R., Bangor, Maine

“Kim’s help was invaluable in organizing my kitchen in our one-hour virtual session. She walked me through, step by step, and gave me assistance that has made a huge difference for our family!” -J.M. MA

“Five Stars!” -S.C., Hampden, Maine

“Kim is an incredible human. She is so pleasant to be around. Her calming demeanor helped me attack a project I had been putting off for ages. We tackled organizing my bathroom closet & she helped me design a strategy that I’ve stuck with. I can’t recommend Finely Sorted Organizing enough! I can’t wait to work with her again.” -D.D., Hampden, Maine

“Finely Sorted Organizing curbed my procrastination! Kim Corey patiently guided me through 15 years of stored items from our last home move and asked questions that helped in my decision making. She offered choices and resources for unwanted possessions, offered organizing strategies for newly found items, and ended with a productive list of tasks that I could continue to use before our next session. Most impressive is that we accomplished culling and organizing virtually! Thank you, Finely Sorted, for getting me started and inspiring me to keep going!” -S.B, Hagerstown, MD

“I want to offer one of your testimonials for my deep thanks to you for your important contribution to the quality of my Mom’s life. From her years as a devoted homemaker, teacher and community leader, my 73-year-old mother has a lifetime of memorabilia, photos and correspondence that, even whittled down over the years from having to move approximately every 5-8 years, filled boxes and crates in her bedroom, guest room and two storage areas.

As her oldest daughter, one of my nightmares was the task of one day having to organize it. How could I find time for this when I live nearly 2,000 miles away and have my own organizational challenges? The answer to our need was you, our professional organizer! On my recent visit to Bangor, Mom showed me her desk drawers, bookshelves, filing cabinets and closets with pride. Mom’s living room has always been a kind of sanctuary for visitors, but now an atmosphere of peace pervades her whole apartment. The feeling comes both from the fresh spaces freed from clutter and from her new-found sense of control over physical things that once seemed overwhelming. I understand completely when she says the expense is well worth it. “It’s my therapy!” she joyfully says.

“Kim helped me make a new shipping area to accommodate our new retail expansion.” -G.S.

Mom had been telling me about you in her life, but I must say it was very special to meet you in person. What I have now seen for myself is how completely focused you are on putting your time to use. Submerged in personal documents which could easily elicit storytelling and reminiscing, you steer free of digressions, and you remain concentrated on your purpose. It was obvious too that your goal is not to make a client dependent on your help, but rather, to see your client through to a maintenance phase of self-reliance. Kim, it was a privilege to make your acquaintance. Even though your (and my) generation is moving into the cyber-age where material stored is measured in gigabytes rather than banker boxes in attics and basements, many, many people still live surrounded with valued personal belongings, many of which consist of pounds of pieces of paper. Your profession is of immeasurable value to people who wish to archive their life experiences without literally getting buried in it all.” -C.Z., NY, NY

A professional organizer can make a daunting project manageable

More Testimonials

“Kim Corey is a fabulous organizer. She helped me look through piles of things stored in my garage, sort them out, identify what was trash and what was treasure. She carted the donations to goodwill and helped me organize the things that were staying so that they can all be accessed easily. Her prices are extremely reasonable. She’s encouraging and charming. Don’t miss the opportunity to get Kim’s help to organize your belongings.” – Laurie Osher, Maine

“Kim has a strong skill set that a lot of us are either lacking or don’t enjoy. This is for her testimonials. Her mind naturally goes to organizing whatever is placed in front of her. Having just moved to Maine and dealing with a lot of other family issues, I really needed someone to help get me unpacked and organized in my new life and feeling like my house is a home again. I was impressed with how quickly Kim was able to accomplish these goals and leave me free to deal with everything I needed to learn at work and become familiar with the community. In fact she even helped by finding me a good local doctor, dentist, and helper to run errands for me when I had no time. I am very thankful and will use her help with my aging mother to simplify her life as she gracefully enters her older age and hopefully can focus on the kids and grandkids rather than keeping up with the business of every day life.” -T.C., Hampden, Maine

“I want to offer a contribution to the testimonials. Kim is an excellent and efficient home organizer. She organized our mother’s homes in Maine and Pennsylvania. She is personable, easy-going and compassionate, yet strives to get the job done. As you can imagine decades of materials and miscellaneous items can collect in homes. Kim has a solid understanding of how to de-clutter in a manner that is not overly stressful. – M.H., Newton, Massachusetts

“Coming into what could easily be considered an overwhelming project, Kim was quick to understand what was needed and got right to work. She was easy to work with, yet very hard-working. An obviously intelligent and responsible woman, she impressed us with her trustworthiness, motivation and ability to work independently. It was a pleasure to have Kim work with us on this important area of our congregation”. -S.V., UU Society of Bangor, Maine

“Kim has worked for me over the past ten years to get my home in order. Her creativity is not lost in her diligent work style. She understood my special interests as well as practical necessities and set up a system. Couldn’t offer a better testimonial for her services.” -C.Z., Bangor, Maine

“Kim assisted in organizing of mail, phone calls, and messages while I was gone on vacation for a month. She was also very helpful with my preparations for the trip. In addition, in my absence, she found tenants for my rental units and took a large part in their furnishing and decoration.” -C.S., New Hampshire

“Hey Kim, you’re amazing! I am grateful for your gifts. Thank you for spending the time with me and getting things systemized/organized. I never thought I’d get to the point of really wanting things in order. But the better organized I am the more room I have in my life for better relationships. It looks like it’s about stuff but it really is about getting the junk, which is clouding up my mind and physical space out of the way so that I can be more present in life. I finally have a foundation and my energy is renewed;) Through this process, I have learned so much from you that I will carry with me. These lessons you have taught me are not easily unlearned thank God!” -S. G., Winterport, Maine

“As Dana Fellow for Study Abroad, Kim organized the collection of study abroad materials making access easier for students thinking about studying in another country their junior year.” -S.G., Wheaton College, Massachusetts

“Dear Kimberly, Thanks for the four hours of donated time you put in to make our office practices more efficient. I can already see the results. It will certainly make staff time more productive as we schedule class visits to the Audubon Center and naturalist visits out to school and community groups. Furthermore, your suggestions will also help in the scheduling of building rentals, and weekend field trips. It will make the work of our volunteers more efficient.” -Director, Fields Pond Audubon Ctr., Holden, ME

“Kim organized arts and crafts materials needed for summer art workshops for kids. The work enabled both artists, teachers and administrators to find and use the valuable collection. -H.M., Deer Isle, Maine

“We just arrived home, and imagine our surprise! Yes, visual relief, trash removed, curtains washed, schedules organized, furniture lubricated! Even desk—not to mention baseball goal—assembled. You are a MAGNIFICENT CREATURE!” -D.R., Bangor, Maine

“In a single snowy afternoon, Kim was able to find me two extra drawers (!), sort and consolidate my tango and dressy clothes wardrobe, suggest a new way to organize that closet, gently triage a few fashion mistakes, and make me feel good about myself and the clothes that I kept. It takes a bit of courage to let an outsider into your very personal space, and I found Kim to be respectful and supportive and fun throughout the process. I can highly recommend her services, either for you, or as a present from you to some equally frantic person you know.” -V.H., Orono, Maine

“I dance Argentine Tango and when I realized how influential style is to charisma on the dance floor I thought it might be a good idea to invest in a style consultant. Kim and I spent a few hours one Saturday visiting area stores to select together what colors, cuts, and fabrics would be best for my shape and taste to fill out a dancing and casual wardrobe. Considering budget and time constraints she made the process enjoyable as well. With her background in design and fashion I would highly recommend her for anyone interested in polishing their look.” -B.F., Dancer/carpenter, Bar Harbor, Maine

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