Tidying the Junk Drawer

“Sometimes all you need is someone else there holding your hand,” the most recent virtual organizing client remarked,

“For the four years we have lived here I have never cleaned out that drawer.”

Sometimes it is all that is needed; is another’s presence. Sure I chimed in with various possible places odd items could be moved in the house and comforted her by noting I have seen far worse but in the end the only reason she got to it was because she carved out the time in her hectic schedule to connect with me via FB VideoChat. It took two hours to make the drawer contents accessible again. Many business cards needed to be categorized into the two places where the person had homes and then into subcategory of type of business or friends. There are many ways to house things so that they perform well. In this case the drawer lent itself well to a card filing system that was labeled with Post-it Notes rather than a business card book for example. All miscellaneous paperwork was categorized and then weeded before being put into a file system separate from these drawers. The drawers were shallow so we had to be ruthless when weeding so that there was a little as possible to store here.

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