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I’m an organizer but I love my clothes. Editing them so that I can rearrange the closet setup is difficult for me. So, as I have done in the past, I asked a friend to allow me to parade all of my summer wardrobe in front of her as in a fashion show so she could offer constructive criticism of each piece via virtual organizing. I took the suggestions in stride, most reflecting what I had already guessed about an item but could not let go of by myself. As I went through cutting loose the shorts and pants that were too small and/or too uncomfortable, I also edited any uncomfortable fabrics or unflatteringly-shaped tops.


At the virtual fashion show point I had my summer wardrobe stored in three bottom drawers of my bureau. The only problem with this system is it caused lots of wrinkles. I only have a couple of items that are wrinkle-free unfortunately. So that wasn’t working. Wouldn’t it be great to have my summer wardrobe hang to remain wrinkle-free? In fact when I looked at my hanging space in my closet I noticed I had hung up my work shirts on hangers in the recesses of the closet ends. These shirts I discovered don’t wrinkle so they could be taken off the hangers and folded and placed on the shelf above the hanging rod.


This freed up a great deal of hanging space which I decided could be big enough to hang my summer wardrobe if I combined a couple skirts and pants in one hanger. The below picture shows the recesses of the closet are now full with summer wardrobe ready to be changed out by simply moving around the hangers to the middle of the closet where they are easily accessible. After the virtual fashion show the below picture shoes the recesses of the closet are now full with summer wardrobe ready to be changed out by simply moving around the hangers to the middle of the closet where they are easily accessible.

The edit of one bin of clothing gave me the required amount of clothing that could fit in the ends of the closet almost completely. Only the swimsuit and sleepwear did not fit and were better stored in a drawer anyway. Now I had some newfound space in my drawers. I considered what I could use it for.


I remember disliking the confusion when selecting sheets for one bed from another from the linen closet. I don’t like the look of labels so I relied on placement to remind me which sheets belonged where. Inevitably though the categories made one day are quickly blurred weeks later when I accessed the closet again. After the virtual fashion show, as I have done in other homes, I moved the sheets for that bedroom into these in-room drawers so there was no longer any confusion about which sheets fit on the bed.

Maintaining the Wardrobe after the Virtual Fashion Show

A fashion show edit, rearranging and introducing new items to the system solved two of my problems: wrinkled summer wardrobe and confusion at the linen closet. The kicker is how does one ensure the system sticks? Firstly no mixing categories. If you have to share a space between two different categories such as swim suits and sleepwear make sure there is a separation between them so that when you look you can see at a glance there are two categories you are accessing and which ones are which. Many drawer separators exist on the market to divide a drawer. I prefer minimal but required separators that allow plenty of space to paw around for the desired item.

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