virtual organizing how it works

Virtual Organizing: How it Works

Maybe you’re expecting a move. Maybe you finally want to declutter your junk room to make it into an office. Maybe you need help moving the kids’ stuff to the attic and storing it in an organized manner. Maybe you need to get organized for a new baby or pet of senior member of your family. Maybe you need help sorting the paperwork crowding your desk.

virtual organizing; how it works

If you are handy with Internet video platforms we simply connect on an agreed day, you point the device camera at the location you want to work on and I can see the work space in my monitor. You will see my face in your monitor and hear my voice walking you through the organizing process. If you aren’t navy with the computer we can work over the phone.

This form of organizing is great for those who have a tighter budget, a complicated schedule, are far away from any local professional organizer or prefer more privacy.

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