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Virtual Organizing: I Talk You Through the Chaos

Familiar with Virtual Organizing?

You might be wondering how virtual organizing works. Virtual Organizing can keep you from getting overwhelmed when trying to get your home in order. We are rarely taught how to keep a home efficient and beautiful in school and many times at home. Add busy lives, and organization doesn’t just happen. That’s where we come in with virtual organizing sessions. For twenty years I have perfected decluttering, organization and designing efficient living systems that still shows “who you are”. 

Virtual organizing is effect for you if you want to declutter and organizing your home. It’s perfect if you are overwhelmed, stuck or frustrated and need help getting organized. It is perfect for beginning and intermediate-skilled clients. It’s works great with a busy lifestyle because we can do short one-hour sessions with virtual organizing to address a problem area of your home. I can also work earlier or later hours than I can with on-site organizing if you are in another time zone or need to organize in odd hours due to your schedule. I will recommend weekly or monthly sessions to get your chaos under control.

How Many Virtual Organizing Sessions Will You Need?

Each home is unique and each client has different abilities and schedules. You may want only one session to get you started and motivated. You may want multiple sessions if you need to get a handle on a very cluttered home. The benefit of virtual organizing is that it is more affordable because you don’t have to pay to get the professional to your home. It’s also super flexible. I can even provide homework if that’s what you. like.

How We Proceed

In the online virtual organizing sessions we schedule a half hour consult if desired and then schedule the 1-3 hour virtual organizing session determining which video platform works best for you. You don’t need to have a computer video comfort. We can do it by phone as well. I walk you through the organizing process step-by-step so you can’t fail, celebrating your successes, keeping you accountable to continue the process and save you time, money and frustration by teaching you what no one else has told you while you work in the home moving things from here to there and there to here. I share many tips and tricks I have learned over the years of research with client experience.

Virtual Organizing: How it Works

Together we choose where to start in the house and the organizer then walks the client through the organizing process by asking client to pick up object #1 asking “who, what, where, when, how” questions until the space is as fully organized the exact same way as if there on-site. This is not simply a written plan and email check-ins. This is actually doing the work together unless the client is physically unable and in that case they may recruit an assistant to do the heavy lifting. At the end of our virtual organizing sessions you will see a reduction in clutter, you will have gained more confidence in your own organizational skills and feel more empowered in your home. You get a service AND a skillset!

What if You Live Far Away?

If you live too far away or would rather not have someone in your home, I can still help. With an internet connected camera or even just the telephone we can tackle whatever area you choose. This photo above shows how a virtual session starts with the client using his/her mobile device to show the organizer through the work space via Zoom, FaceBook Video Chat, Google Meet or Skype, familiarizing the organizer with home habits and goals. 

Do you need some virtual organizing? Contact us today to access the help you need!

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