Virtual Organizing: Step 2, Replacing

This is a continuation of the last post which shows the companion video to the above one. This is the time lapse of the second part of an hour session with a client organizing a tiny house kitchen cabinet area.

At this point the client has wiped out the empty shelving inside the cabinets and has edited each category of item so that what remains is only what is used and loved. Some items have been re-homed to more appropriate areas of the kitchen.

After the discard, donate, give away and rehoming of objects there is always a smaller volume of things to home which makes the job much easier. There is a balance of space around often used items in any area. Ideally you want things as close as possible without hindering smooth access. Having to lift a plate to access another plate is one step more than desired.

As I mentioned in the last blog post number of choices can make it more complicated to use. Do you want a bowl within .25 inches of your ideal diameter or could you manage with basically two mixing bowls. If you can tolerate a lack of choice in the sizing department you will get more free work flow movement because their access is easier due to increased space(from the extra choices that are not included in our system of choice).

A big thank you to for video services!

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