Virtual Organizing: Step 1, Emptying

So you want to get your kitchen cupboards in shape and you’ve scheduled time with a professional organizer to work virtually. The first thing you have to do is done: scheduling a time into your calendar to organize with a professional. We connect via Zoom or whatever Internet video platform is most convenient for the client.

Once the target area of the home is selected e start in the upper left hand corner of the space unless there are things on the floor in which case we start there. As the client empties the space she considers if s/he’s used it before and names it a category placing it in an area that has space around it to denote a category boundary. If no space is left around the pile you are making it loses its meaning and then you cannot categorize it. Space is a vital thing in organizing anything.

After emptying the space all items are now categorized in a staging area close to where they will again live in a newfound order. They were placed there mindfully of their purpose and function in the home. If an item is not used the client usually donates it to the easiest place to deliver that accepts donations. Sometimes clients tend to want to gift an item to a particular person in their circle which I do not encourage because it makes it harder to be free of it. The added condition means you have to double your efforts just to remember to deliver or notify the person of this second hand item gift. But if the person is very organized and on top of necessary to-dos related to the effort I can support specified gifts. It’s only when the client is clearly overwhelmed by the things cluttering up their space that I discourage it.

There’s always a time to wipe down the newly cleared area so cleaning supplies should be included in things to have when planning on organizing. Hopefully the cleaning is not so much you can’t replace the items you empty from the space in the same work session because it’s easy to lose the thread of actually returning things to their new homes. Usually a quick wipe down does the job to be able to return items to the newly arranged positions.

Emptying the cabinet virtually

Because of the camera limitations sometimes it’s necessary to lift up your device to view the inside of a cupboard so the organizer can see exactly what you are dealing with which is thankfully easy to do with. today’s technology. We arrange things used together close to each other and things used most often closest to the heaviest traffic area for kitchen use so the distance to the most used items are the shortest possible aiming to make your efforts produce more in less time: the ultimate goal being to use this extra time gained to do whatever you would like to: go skiing, day dream, read or even clean!

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