Virtual Organizing Time Lapse

Love a Good Organizing Time Lapse!

Two Cupboard Virtual Organizing

Everyone loves a good organizing time lapse.

Here’s an organizing time lapse working on a tiny kitchen cupboard area. We organized two cupboards in one hour which yielded some donation, some trash but mostly a newly functional space for its owner. But not before the client has some anxiety about how the process would be. She imagined that she would have too much stuff, all of it would fall out and the whole thing would be awkward and difficult. Au contraire, she remarked how pain-free the whole thing was when done with a new sense of relief at having mastered her kitchen.

Finely Sorted Organizing offers virtual organizing in one-hour sessions. This provides great convenience for those who only have an hour to spare to get things together between kiddos, jobs and other family obligations. That said a two hour session will yield twice the effect so I always encourage people to sign up for as much as possible to get the home looking and feeling like a well-oiled machine with your decor of choice providing softness and interest for your nest.

To start Finely Sorted connects with the client via Zoom or whatever video platform s/he prefers at the appointed time and we clear the decks of the immediate areas so we can empty the storage areas easily without getting other things mixed in.

We then go to the left most cupboard and begin emptying items from left to right-just like reading a book. Before placing the item on the surrounding area that has been cleared for the purpose we decide what the name of the category is of that item and begin that category when the client sets the item down in the staging area. If we come across another item in the cupboards that matches this category we put them together so they are separate from other categories that we make.

If the client pulls out a large spoon we make the category names “cooking utensils” in the staging area and if we find a spatula some time during the session we add it to that category by placing it nearest the spoon making sure to keep it separate from other categories such as “drinking glasses, plates or wine caddy” for example.

Item by item the client pulls out everything from the cupboards and places them in their respective created categories in the staging area. Once a cabinet or cupboard is clear the client wipes down the surface to prepare for replacing items in a new and organized manner. There is some degree of trial and error as we put the pieces of the puzzle back so that they are most easily accessed and viewable every time one peers into the space so as not to be forgotten.

Usually at the end of one hour there is a small pile of donate and perhaps some trash. Certainly the client has a new grasp on the fine working of their possessions. The new system made should be clearly labeled for family to follow if the categories are at all cramped for space so that the system pieces stay in their homes and cooking becomes less of a task and more of a joy feeling the flow of paths of least resistance.

If you watch the video above you will see the client has a great deal of activity throughout the process. I like to say you get two for one-both organized and exercised in the same hour!

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