Virtual Organizing

Do you feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start?

Is your cluttered home embarrassing, stressful and exhausting?

When I started offering virtual organizing services I knew it would open up availability to a whole new audience. Within the first month Finely Sorted Organizing received many messages of interest looking for help organizing and energizing homes because it is a fraction of the cost to have a pro on-site and more convenient because you can schedule only one hour if that’s all the time you have in your busy schedule.

  • Virtual organizing offers a higher level of safety in this current climate of caution and also offers a higher level of skill transfer because every organizing move goes from the organizer’s mind to the client’s.
  • The client will register the organizing process at a deeper level because of this intense involvement with every part from placement of objects in a pile to placement on a shelf and for what reasons.
  • It’s a non-intrusive way to bring an organizational expert into your home.
  • You get all the virtual support you need to get organized, reduce your stress, tackle the hard projects you just can’t seem to face alone, create efficiency and get inspired.
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Virtual Organizing:

Getting your home organized can seem overwhelming. We are rarely taught how to keep a home efficient and beautiful. Add busy lives, and organization doesn’t just happen. That’s where we come in with virtual organizing sessions.

For twenty years I have perfected decluttering, organization and designing efficient living systems that still shows “who you are” in the design.

In the online virtual organizing sessions I walk you through the organizing process step-by-step celebrating your successes, keeping you accountable to continue the process and save you time, money and frustration by teaching you what no one else has told you.

Here’s what one client said after a virtual organizing session:

Thank you so much Kim! I was a little doubtful how this would work, but you are amazing! Obviously a pro-quite used to people like me who get overwhelmed. Once you got me into the groove it was much easier to understand, and yes I was able to keep it going! A Christmas miracle! (lol) Can’t wait for our next session!

If you live far away or would rather not have someone in your home, I can still help. With an internet connected camera we can tackle whatever area you choose. This photo above shows how a virtual session starts with the client using his/her mobile device to show the organizer through the work space via Zoom, FaceBook Video Chat, Google Meet, Skype or the telephone, familiarizing the organizer with the home habits and goals.

Together we choose where to start in the house and the organizer then walks the client through the organizing process by asking client to pick up object #1 asking “who, what, where, when, how” questions until the space is as fully organized the exact same way as if there on-site. This is not simply a written plan and email check-ins. This is actually doing the work together unless the client is physically unable and in that case they may recruit an assistant to do the heavy lifting.

Virtual organizing is cheaper, more convenient, private, safe and offers a higher skill transfer.

First: Connect via phone or Internet(Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime)

Second: Point the camera of your device at the work space

“Hey Kim. You’re amazing! I am grateful for your gifts. Thank you for spending the time with me and getting things systemized/organized. I never thought I’d get to the point of really wanting things in order. But the better organized I am the more room I have in my life for better relationships. It looks like it’s about stuff but it really is about getting the junk, which is clouding up my mind and physical space out of the way so that I can be more present in life. I finally have a “foundation” and my energy is renewed;) Through this process, I have learned so much from you that I will carry with me. These lessons you have taught me are not easily unlearned thank God!” -L.K., Ellsworth

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