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Organizing the AirBNB

Are you organizing the AirBNB? One of the most important responsibilities as a vacation rental owner is to deliver a high-quality service to guests. They picked your property over someone else’s or even a hotel, so you need to do everything you can to make their stay a good one. Doing this you will ensure loyal customers and prevent them from leaving negative reviews.

Organizing the AirBNB: Amidst the Pandemic

So many people have started to prosper from the changes in market climate. CNBC sites that rural AirBNBs are surging amidst the pandemic as more people are working remotely and looking to flee the close quartered cities for more rural areas. But how many owners are ready for the high turnover that accompanies such a phenomena?

Organizing the AirBNB: The Inventory

At times, this can be quite stressful, as you have other responsibilities such as managing cleaning, guest turnover and advertising your property. That said, in order to provide the same experience for all visitors, you need to ensure that everything was left as you meant it to be.

Organizing the AirBNB: The Inventory List

Experienced owners will agree that it’s exhausting to keep track of every item in the property if you’re not prepared. So, if you’re wondering what the best way to guarantee a smooth guest turnover is, a vacation rental inventory checklist is your answer. Finely Sorted Organizing put together a good inventory checklist for this property owner so that turnovers can be an easy as possible.

When you have an AirBnB to manage you want to make an inventory list at opening so that it is easier after a cleaning person goes through to check everything is still all there and nothing needs replacing. Organizing AirBNB inventory is best when contents can be found intuitively. It will also make inventory easier and make for a clean, neat set-up that welcomes the guest. Are the hand towels all there? How about the tea cups and art on the walls. All the things must be checked after each lodger so as not to lose value.

Organizing the AirBNB: Bar Harbor, Maine

The AirBNB pictured here is in Bar Harbor, Maine with a view of the Mount Desert Narrows with ample natural light to round out the bright experience. With a good system in place the AirBNB turns over a regular profit with minimal upkeep. The only thing missing was a good inventory list. Finely Sorted Organizing put together a simple yet complete list of contents so that everything could be accounted for. After itemizing everything I found there were a few holes that needed filling such as an extra hand towel and a few other utensils which we added to the contents and inventory list.

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If you are interested to learn more about hiring a professional organizer check out this New York Times article!

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