The Toolshed

Sometimes I stumble upon evidence of a very organized handyman when the tools are off the bench and secured off shelves as well. Using these recycled jars screws and nails can easily be seen and are also kept dust-free. The covers were unscrewed from the top and secured to this low shed ceiling beam. The nails and screws were then added to the jar and screwed into the secured top. All the different types of screws are visible in one glance making the system a sure thing for lasting over time. Luckily this shed had good windows that shown plenty of natural light to see the contents. Many sheds do not have ample lighting and should be improved in this way as a very basic step to staying organized. The system is further fool proofed by using the same size jars which is easier on the eyes when trying to determine which screw to use. If the containers is clear and uniform the eye only has to determine the different contents instead of the different container making identifying needed tools immediate.

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